“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress

How digital transformation is changing the world

Digital transformation is already underway for many years, as the rise of new technologies and their continuous and immediate evolution into even more innovative solutions demonstrate.

Machine themselves are getting smarter, with Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Analytics, and sensors of all sizes and capabilities constantly transforming manufacturing, production and research.

Digital transformation driving business value

Understand the importance of these changes and implement a digital strategy is crucial for businesses to efficiently adapt to the new work environment.

This revolution is the chance to rethink the culture and the processes at the basis of the company and to improve the customer experiences to face successfully the changing market requirements.

The journey towards digital transformation

In Reforce we consider the digital transformation as a journey together with our partners, towards new horizons and ambitious goals before deemed unattainable, made of 6 basic steps:

  • Automatization – to increase speed and efficiency along the processes, significantly reducing the error probability and saving time
  • Computerization – to entrust software our data to be elaborated and made accessible for every necessity
  • Dematerialization – to deploy digital resources with the purpose of full efficiency and usability
  • Virtualization – to further optimize the physical resources turning them into logical resources
  • Cloud computing – to ease daily work into many areas of the business saving and stocking data into cloud systems
  • Touch-point – to increase productivity while reducing costs thanks to mobile technology

Reforce is a system integrator and consultancy company that assists you from an accurate check of the initial situation throughout the implementation of the digital strategy until the education of the employees to enable them to independently manage the new innovative tools.

We are able to manage the latest technological found related to Industry 4.0 such as Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation, BI, machine learning and also bring CRM solution to your company.

We have knowledge of different industry and we can support you in process optimization applied to manufacturing, logistic, quality, finance through ICT tools and services adoption.

The digital transformation is not an option anymore but a must-have, an opportunity to catch for a radical shift towards autonomy, flexibility and effectiveness to become a digital organization and a market leader.

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