What we do

Business Process
Management Consulting

A solid experience in the field allows our consultants to help, guide, solve complex situations and give added value to the projects in which we are involved.


Reforce Analytics BU places data management as a key element of its offering. We design, implement and maintain solutions for data management during their entire life cycle.

System Integration

We aim to improve business processes through data engineering and the optimization of existing structures, using the most cutting-edge methodologies and development technologies.

Interaction Design

Thanks to a solid planning mentality and focus to new technologies, we want to offer quality products, whose goal is to understand the requests and give priority to the development of web and mobile interfaces.

Digital Marketing

Our focus ranges from the analysis of a company's target audience, to the browsing habits of users, up to the sociological statistical surveys of their behavior on the web.

AI & Machine Learning

Through data science we enable machines to automate high volume repetitive tasks, turn conventional products into smart commodities, train machines to perform any desired functions.

Some application in enterprise environments:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Forecasting With Machine Learning
  • Graph Database

    Graph databases are part of the NoSQL databases and by design, they allow simple and fast manipulation of large numbers of data elements in its natural structure.

    Some application in enterprise enviroments:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Supply Chain
  • Bill Of Material
  • The excellence of Our People is our greatest value.

    We promote innovation through our people and technology. Our offering includes professional consultancy and innovative solutions, from web applications to advanced analytics, from IoT to integrated and multimedia communication.

    The team

    Danilo Fornasieri

    Chief Executive Officer

    Professionally born in the industrial IT world in the late 80s, he followed its evolution from the classic one working for companies such as Fiat, Teksid, Iveco and Comau before starting his career as an entrepreneur.
    He founded Reforce in February 2020.

    Paolo Campajola

    General Manager

    He has a past as IT Group Technical Director and Solution Manager, always involved in IT Engineering and Industrial innovation. Areas: Partnerships, Quality, Research & Development, Processes and Methodologies.

    Research & Development

    Valentina Cena

    Chief Financial Officer

    Previously in Barclays and Ernst and Young, Mrs Cena is involved in the company since 2018. Areas: Administration, HR, Procurement.


    Davide Piagneri

    Chief Technical Officer

    Data Scientist, he has been Head of Analytics for many years before rising to CTO. Areas: Training & Certification, Products, System Integration, Analytics, Interaction Design.

    Training & Certification
    System Integration
    Interaction Design

    Giulia Delprino

    Executive Assistant

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